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Are you a UK or European business looking to grow your sales?

We offer fast flexible finance solutions, underpinned by our compliance-first, technology-led approach.

Our use of digital negotiable instruments, generated through a user-friendly self-serve portal, enables swift and secure transaction execution. Unlike more traditional financial institutions our processes are rooted in robust AML and financial crime prevention principles, most notably through the use of our in-house digital platform.

We are proud to have secured some of the strongest partnerships in the industry, enabling us to provide extensive support to ambitious UK and European businesses.

Ready to grow but frustrated by outdated systems?

Fast, flexible finance starts here…

We are a non-bank financial institution specialising in global trade and supply chain finance solutions, always underpinned by our extensive compliance expertise. We can help you thrive.

We understand the limitations the traditional banking sector imposes on SMEs and MSMEs, many of whom increasingly struggle to find appropriate lending solutions. And then there’s the time it all takes. So. Much. Time. Our clients tell us it feels like they’re being set up to fail before they’ve had the opportunity to start. Sound familiar? That’s where we come in.

As a fin tech which has been developed by KYC and AML professionals, our extensive experience and market-leading tech, mean we can offer a compliance-led bespoke assessment of your business. Followed by a secure digital solution that can be executed within minutes. To get started, submit your enquiry via our simple and easy-to-use calculator and we’ll be in touch.