Facilitating trade, enabling growth

Mercore Group

Enabling growth where it’s needed the most, facilitating global business for the greater good.

Established in 2021, we’re a fintech group with a difference. We use advanced technology to deliver innovative and intuitive solutions.  

Mercore Group Ltd. is the over-arching holding company uniting both our financing and technology arms. Our logo symbolises our foundations and ideals; one of the triangles represents Compliance Expertise, the other our Trade Finance Solutions.

By combining the two, we bring together corporates, financiers and insurers to efficiently meet and match financing requirements with risk appetite.

Finance Provider

Get paid quickly, ensure an auditable supply chain, and do business on your terms (and theirs).

All whilst mitigating risk and optimising processes for everyone involved. If that sounds too good to be true, you've come to the right place. We understand your frustrations and we're on a mission to make things quicker and slicker than ever before.

Heard it all before? Perhaps.The difference is that we mean it.

Our financing solutions are provided by Mercore Capital Ltd, a FCA-registered non-bank financial institution committed to bridging the SME Trade Finance gap.

Digital Solutions Provider

A refreshing and steadfast compliance-led approach to banking and finance.

We offer a central sourcing house, client and supplier due diligence, and experience and expertise where it counts. Our 150-strong team of compliance specialists allows us to tackle trade finance differently.  

By utilising proven, solution-orientated technologies, in conjunction with our ‘concierge-style’ support team of experienced analysts, our customers benefit from enhanced convenience, without compromising security.

Our digital solutions are provided by Mercore Ltd, the Group's technology business.